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Multi-functional Imaging System

Gradient PCR

  • Impact Design
  • PID temperature control
  • Extremely quite
  • 30℃ Gradient
  • 5Inch touch screen
  • Linux operation system


SHST SH-PCR96 is a gradient PCR, which is ideal for thermal cycling and protocol optimization in molecular biology, medical, food, genetic testing and etc



  • Excellent amplication due to high quality Semiconductor
  • Industrial grade operation system assists 7x24h working duration
  • 30℃ gradient range, ideal for protocal optimization
  • 5 inch touch screen, easy to edit, operate and save the programs
  • Thermoelectric cooling and PID technologies provide precise temperature control
  • Quick heating up and cooling down


Max.Heating Rate 4.5℃/S
Max.Cooling Rate 4.0℃/S
Block Temp. range 4~99.9℃
Timer 1s~99min59sec/Infinite
Block Temp. accuracy ±0.2℃
Block Temp. Uniformity ±0.25℃
Avg. Heating Rate 3℃/s
Avg. Cooling Rate 2.5℃/s
Temperature control Block and Tube
Gradient Max30℃, Accuracy±0.25℃
Gradient Temp. Accuracy ±0.25℃
Block Temp. Accuracy 0.1℃
Temp. Range of Heating Lid RT+30℃~110℃
Temp. Holding Temp:16℃
Duration: infinite
Timer In/decreasing  -599~599S for long PCR
Temp. In/decreasing  -9.9~9.9℃ for
Touchdown PCR
Programs >100
Max.Cycles 99
Max.Steps 30
Program Pause Yes
Real-time display Text and image
USB Port USB 2.0
Dimension and weight 200x300x170(mm)
Automatic Heating Lid Heating lid turns off automatically, once the temperature of
the samples is lower than30℃ or the program ends
Capacity 96x0.2ml(PCR plate without skirt or with semi skirt) 12x8x0.2ml strips、8x12x0.2ml strips、
0.2ml tubes(height 20~23mm)