Notice| These models can be upgraded to Version 2.0



Era of Imaging System (V2.0) has already come!

SHST has showed the new product at Analytica China!

SH-Infinite 523 Wireless Imaging System includes the following compotents as standard:

  • ​Wireless module

  • Scientific cooled CCD camera

  • F0.8 mortorized lens

  • Chemilluminescence sample tray

  • UV Transilluminator

  • LED Transilluminator

  • RGB Fluorescent light source


This model is the "flagship version" of SHST in 2020, which also brings the imaging system from the original 1.0 into the 2.0 era!

The following models can also be updated to V2.0

From December 1, 2020, the following models can also be equipped with wireless module and upgraded to imaging system v2.0.

Users will download the acquisition software for windows, Mac OS, IOS, Android and image analysis software supporting windows and Mac OS for free.

Models that can be upgraded include:
  • Chemiluminescence Imaging system: SH-Compact 523, SH-Focus 523

  • Multifunctional Imaging system: SH-523,SH-Advance 523

The updated models: 
  • Chemiluminescence Imaging system: SH-Compact 523+ , SH-Focus 523+

  • Multifunctional Imaging system: SH-523+,SH-Advance 523+

In 2021, SHST will create more surprises, and put more advanced technologies and humanized designs into the laboratory equipment.

SHST, a young group dedicated in laboratory instrument, will put the lastest technologies into our products!